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We provide activities and support for all mothers and their partners that are experiencing mild to moderate PND and/or Anxiety. This includes both one-to-one support, and groups for women and men along with advice, information, advocacy and other activities from time to time.

Support for women

We have a variety of support available;

Firstly, we have wonderful Support Workers that can visit you in your home and allow you to talk about your difficulties and provide both emotional and practical support for your PND and/or Anxiety.  This is a free service and you can have up to  10 sessions (although this can be extended when needed)

We also provide referrals to low-cost counselling.  These are fully trained, experienced and qualified volunteer Counsellors who specialise in this field.

Support for Men

PND and/or Anxiety affects men too!  Having a baby can be a difficult transition time for all involved.  A period of distress within a family is very common following childbirth and this can be difficult for both mothers and fathers.  As with women, it’s important that undue stress in fathers is recognised and supported/treated early and effectively.

We offer support to partners/husbands such as information, advice, referrals to appropriate counselling and on occasion the network organises groups for partners of PND sufferers. These workshops provide an opportunity to learn more about PND and provide practical tools in order to help support your partner.  It is also an opportunity to talk about things you can do to keep yourself well supported and engaged with your partner and the rest of your family/whanau.   To find out more or when the next group is being held contact us.


‘Good Grief I’m a Mum’ is a free, confidential and supportive group. The six sessions explores some of the myths of being a mum, provides information around PND, looks into relationships and communication and gives the opportunity to develop more skills to move on positively in life and motherhood.

For more information on these activities, please contact us.

Other Services

We provide information and education to our community.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like someone to come and speak to you or your community/parents group about PND and/or Anxiety, or the services we provide.

Our office is located in Hardy Street (Central Nelson) and you are welcome to pop in during office hours (Monday- Wednesday 9am – 4pm) for a chat, information and/or advice.  We also have an extensive lending library and resources to help… just don’t be afraid to ask.

If you have not already done so it is important that you contact your GP or nurse and let them know how you are feeling. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any concerns that arise from this site, or if we can provide you with any more information.